Audac EPA252 Võimsusvõimendi 2x 4Ω/250W

Audac EPA252 Võimsusvõimendi 2x 4Ω/250W


This energy efficient stereo amplifier will automatically switch to a standby mode when no audio signals are detected (less than 1Watt power consumption in standby mode). Their weight and compact size makes these single rack space amplifiers ideal for both fixed and mobile installations. Their use of Class-D technology ensures excellent efficiency as well as outstanding sound quality. Thanks to the complete passively cooled entity only a minimal of maintenance is needed, while ensuring maximum reliability. Various specific functions and advanced circuitry guarantees an optimal protection against DC malfunctioning, short circuit, overheating and overload. Signal input connections are integrated with balanced XLR connectors, and signal link through is possible using the XLR output connectors. Outputs are connected using terminal block connectors.

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Weight 3,32 kg
Dimensions 0,557 mm