Kaabel XLR3-M – XLR3-F Procab CAB901/10, L=10m

Kaabel XLR3-M – XLR3-F Procab CAB901/10, L=10m


XLR male – XLR female 10 meter

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The CAB901 is a balanced microphone cable constructed using the MC305 cable and fitted with one VC3MX 3-pin male connector and a VC3FX 3-pin female connector. The 24 AWG (0.23 mm²) thin & dense stranded bare copper conductors are surrounded by a high coverage bare copper spiral shielding. The durable shielding gives an excellent protection against interference of all kinds, such as electromagnetic fields caused by dimmers, motors or power cables. The flexible jacket made of PVC and is easy to handle. It comes in lengths of 0.5 meters to 30 meters, providing solutions for all applications.


Weight 0,47 kg
Dimensions 0,2 mm