Orca OR-60 Led Panel Case

Orca OR-60 Led Panel Case


Orca OR-60 Led Panel Case
For LED size up to: 45x45cm or Presonus Faderport 16 Audio Mixer

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Orca OR-60 Led Panel Case

A flexible, all-around case, designed to store Sound/Video accessories or a standard 1000 LED 1×1 light with power supply, cables, small connectors,  light/stand. The Orca Accessories / Light Case offers ultimate lightweight protection for delicate gear, with an external aluminum frame, internal Honeycomb frame and layers of foam and EVA.

Special features:

  • Gear is well protected inside thanks to thermoforming, aluminum and honeycomb frame.
  • Bungee cords for holding a light stand.
  • Special internal pouch to hold power adaptor & cabels.
  • Can be attached to another ORCA light bag and the Orca Trolley system to be carried as twin lights.
  • Special Hi-Frequency padded carrying strap.
  • Can be connected to another LED bag and Trolley system, and carried as twin lights.
  • Special internal pouch for holding power adaptor and accessories.
Model Internal: cm / Inch External: cm / inch Weight: Kg / Lb
OR-60 L: 45cm / 17.71″
W: 45cm / 17.71″
H: 13cm / 5.12″
L: 51cm / 20″
W: 49.5cm / 19.49″
H: 17.5cm / 6.89″
2.62kg / 5.76Lb