Datavideo TP-300 Universal prompter 7″-10″ w/o remote

Datavideo TP-300 Universal prompter 7″-10″ w/o remote


Datavideo TP-300 Universal prompter 7″-10″ w/o remote

TP-300 Universal Prompter suitable for most camcorders and Tablets from 7″ -10″ W/O REMOTE Tablet can be mounted either in the traditional way using the included camera and tripod support rails, hood and beam splitter glass, or under the lens for use with retro-reflective light. Suitable for most cameras. Software free for download in the App store. REMOTE CONTROL NOT INLCLUDED

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Tablet Prompter


Easy to use tablet teleprompter


With available iOS and Android app, it is simple and straight forward to prepare scripts or cue sheets and scrolls at a set automatic rate or control by another with remote.

Suitable for tablets up to 11.6”


The TP-300 is designed to convert a small tablet computer into a low cost and effective prompter.

Optional remote by bluetooth or wired connection


Optional WR-500 remote can be used wired or wireless to control the TP-300 in a direct way.

dv Prompter Plus is a full function teleprompter scripting application suitable for Apple and Android devices.


Used standalone the app can be used with the Datavideo WR-500 wired / wireless remote controller. Combined with the Datavideo TP range of teleprompters, your Apple and Android device are mounted on or off-camera in a professional rig. 



TP-300 Tablet Prompter
Device Used

Apple iPads
Android Tablets

Camera-Mount Interface

Prompter Frame

Smartphone / Tablet Size

Min. Tablet Width: 110mm
Max. Tablet Width: 210mm

Multi-language Support

Device dependent
including Arabic and Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil and more

Hood Dimension / Prompter Size

Width: 250mm
Height: 160mm
Depth: 240mm

Remote Control

*Optional Universal Bluetooth Wireless Remote (with USB cable adapter for charging purposes)

Dimension (LxWxH)

250 x 447 x 210 mm


1.9 Kg

Operating Temp. Range

0~40 °C

What’s in the Box

1 x Prompter Frame
2 x Hex Tools to tighten Frame screws
1 x Metal 3/8″ to 1/4″ adaptor screw for tripod plate
1 x Mounting Bracket Screw
1 x Adjustable mounting bracket for tablet
1 x Glass Frame with matching Velcro straps
2 x Wing nut screws for securing the Glass Frame
1 x Cloth Camera Snood/Hood with Velcro straps
1 x 60/40 Glass sheet with Green and Red sticker
1 x Snood/Hood support wire
2 x Camera Riser Blocks
2 x 3mm Hex Block Sc




Weight 2,6 kg