Datavideo DVP-100 Wireless prompting system

Datavideo DVP-100 Wireless prompting system


Datavideo DVP-100 Wireless prompting system

Wireless teleprompting system to centrally control and synchronise multiple prompter screens through a dedicated WiFi hotspot. (iOS App: DVPrompter). Up to 6 devices can be controlled simultaneously. Controller can create and load new scripts., control the scroling and perform live edits on all prompter screens in real time. All scripts and settings are stored on the dv prompter server. built in Dualband WiFi.

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dv Prompter Pro server


Keep multiple prompter screens in perfect sync


All screens are synchronized, allowing the presenter the freedom to roam within the studio, safe in the knowledge that each teleprompter has the identical script and the same position.

Control multiple prompters from one controller


The DVP-100 can centrally control up to six prompter screens, giving studio managers the ability to run multiple presenter prompters, all managed by any laptop or tablet.


Distance remote control


Supports remote control and script management over IP or iOS app (WiFi/Ethernet).

High Compatibility


The DVP-100 is compatible with any device that has an HTML5 compliant web browser.



DVP-100 dv Prompter Pro server

• Multiple prompter screens kept in perfect sync
• Remote control and script management over IP (WiFi/Ethernet)
• IOS and Android Apps available

Dimension (LxWxH)

112 x 85 x 41 mm


0.47 Kg

What’s in the Box

1 x DVP-100 Unit
1 x AD Switch 12V
1 x Antenna
1 x Thank You Card




Weight 0,6 kg


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